Dental Extractions

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Dental extractions may seem daunting, but they can make a significant difference to your pain, stress and confidence levels.

Adult teeth don’t always last a lifetime. They can become damaged or decayed for a range of reasons, some of which are out of our control.

These include accidents or trauma, crowded or impacted teeth, illnesses, gum disease and lifestyle choices, such as smoking and prolonged or excessive sugar consumption.

Dental Extractions – What to Expect

Dental extractions may seem like a conclusive option, but we recommend them to patients at our Manchester dentistry when the benefits outweigh the negatives. The procedure is incredibly common and straightforward and typically takes 15 to 20 minutes.

The standard approach is to numb the treatment site with a local anaesthetic. Your dentist will then extract the tooth by moving it back and forth until it comes away smoothly and cleanly.

He will then clean the extraction site and if necessary, seal it with small, self-dissolving stitches.

Solutions for Nervous Patients

Nervous patients may find dental extractions daunting. We can help alleviate worry by equipping you with the facts and recommending dental sedation. Simply put, this means offering you calming medication to ease your nerves and make your time in our Manchester dentistry as comfortable and pain-free as possible.

Dental Extractions Aftercare

All of our dental extraction patients are equipped with the facts and advice they need to make a speedy recovery.

Dental extractions can represent a positive option for many reasons. Firstly, any immediate toothache is eliminated, providing relief from debilitating discomfort. Secondly, the procedure leaves the site clean to either exist as it is, or be prepared for future tooth implants.

In terms of aestethics, dental extractions can be a plus. This is because they remove damaged, crowded or impacted teeth, leaving room for healthier ones to flourish.