Root Canal Treatments

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Root canal treatments are a procedure to alleviate the severe dental pain experienced when bacteria infects the inside of your tooth. They are common among adults and are a routine procedure at our dentistry in Manchester city centre.

Less conclusive than dental extractions, root canal treatments are an alternative to having your teeth removed and allow you to keep the structure of your tooth in place.

Why Might I Need a Root Canal Treatment?

Your dentist will recommend a root canal treatment when the outer surface of your tooth has been damaged and let in bacteria, causing an internal infection.

If the infection has spread to the root of your tooth and has damaged the pulp and networks of root canals inside, he may recommend their removal.

Dental X-rays will show whether the pulp has become damaged. Symptoms you may experience include pain when biting, a swollen face, a loose tooth or oozing at the site.

What to Expect from Root Canal Treatments

If you visit our Manchester city centre dentistry for root canal treatments, here’s what you can expect. Your dentist will discuss your options with you beforehand and will talk you through the process.

Your dentist will give you a local anaesthetic to numb the area. He will then fit a dental dam in place to isolate the tooth in a sterile environment. Following this, he will access the pulp and root chamber of your tooth to clear it.

Your tooth will then be shaped by your dentist. He will disinfect the inside before filling it with a thermoplastic, rubber-like material called gutta-percha and dental cement. This will seal the tooth and protect it from bacteria.

Following root canal treatments, your tooth will need to be capped permanently with either a dental filling or dental crown.

After your treatment, the pain you experienced due to the infection and damaged tooth should disappear for good.