Dentures Manchester City Centre Banner Image-01Dentures are an ideal, non-invasive solution for replacing lost teeth. Less permanent than dental implants, they can dramatically improve the appearance and aesthetics of your smile.

Dentures provide vital support for your facial structure, alleviating stress on jaw muscles and make everyday activities and movements much smoother. They enable patients to eat a wider variety of foods, therefore maintaining a varied diet and good health.

What are Dentures?

Simply put, dentures are removable devices fitted with replacement teeth and are purpose-made for your unique mouth shape. There are two types – full dentures and partial dentures.

Full dentures fill the entirety of your mouth with replacement teeth. Partial dentures replace a smaller number of missing teeth and can be attached to the natural teeth surrounding them.

Anatomy of a Denture

The plate is the part that sits in the roof of your mouth and holds the teeth in place. These can be made from several materials. Your replacement tooth or teeth will be made from acrylic to blend in naturally. They are then attached to the bridge using metal clasps.

At our Manchester dentistry, we discuss all choices with our patients before they commit to which type of denture plate they opt for. These include…

Acrylic Dentures

We recommend acrylic dentures when your need teeth replacing in the fastest time possible. They are also convenient for making future adjustments and for when you require a cost-effective option.

Cobalt/Chrome Dentures

Cobalt/chrome dentures have a thin and lightweight bridge, are more robust and are easier to adapt to than acrylic dentures. They also offer superior grip and are the most close-fitting option.

They tend to be slightly higher in cost than their alternative counterparts, as the material is also more expensive and they take longer to make and fit.

Valplast Dentures/Flexi Dentures

Valplast dentures, or flexi-dentures, are made of a hardwearing resin that allows for more flexibility than their metal counterparts. Additionally, they do not feature metal clasps, so can often yield a more aesthetically pleasing result.[/vc_column_text]